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Securing Operating Systems | How to secure operating systems | Ihtreek Tech

You can secure Operating system by following some tips. point of comparision, up to date and so on tips. you can know how to secure operating systems

Operating System selection

The operating system is an interface between the application that the user is using and giving commands and the hardware of the system that memory the hard disk and also any connected card to this Hardware. 

The operating system acts between the application and the hardware to take the Commands from the user and deliver them to the hardware in an understandable form. 

It manages the system resources. It manages the memory of the system. It manages how the hardware is divided and how the files are stored, it managers also the speed of the processor and how every task is given to the processor to be processed. 

The operating system has been produced by many vendors and many products. We have Microsoft Windows with many versions we have Linux. We have the Mac operating system we have for the mobile phones the Android and the iOS we have several open source operating systems that may be generally more secure than the proprietary operating system. 

We need here to find or highlight that any open source product can be generally more secure than the proprietary product because open source products are always open for development or those open for testing on those open for being attacked and being Introduced to the most developed security technologies several security features can be built inside the operating system that you can choose the operating system on the basis of the security features in this and the security features in that. 


This can be a point of comparison between several operating systems to choose the most convenient for your system. Upgrading the operating system with a very important point in your security posture. Always use Original and Licensed version of the operating system never go to copies and fake operating systems always use also original and licensed versions of applications never crack systems because this leads to less Security in your applications and operating systems. 


Always try to be up to date with the most recent version of your windows or Linux or your Mac or your Android or your iOS be up to date and be sure that you have migrated to the up-to-date version of the operating system because they up-to-date version is more secure that migration to the up-to-date version of the breathing system leads to securing the operating system and  Combating the vulnerabilities and mitigating the vulnerabilities had that has been found in the old versions. 


The companies that are producing more recent operating systems are trying to mitigate the vulnerabilities that has been found in the older one. So it is completely sure that the recent operating system is or the recent version of the operating system is more secure than the old one. 

Newer operating system versions are generally more secure and most of the development in operating systems these days hand them and take them to the security points and covers and mitigates the vulnerabilities that are found in the old versions of the operating system. 

Consider also migrating to Open Source Products. If convenient it is generally more secure. This has been mentioned by many researchers and by many trusted sources that  the open source products are more secure 


Consider the security features and operating systems that you are choosing like 

How does it authenticate the user 

How the files are encrypted on the hard disk

How the network back doors and the open ports are covered and are mitigated 

How does it secure the applications running on top of this operating system

How the hardware is supported and newer versions of hardware and the up up-to-date technologies hardware are supported 

How is the overall stability of this operating system 

How much does it hang or does it stop working to guarantee and to ensure your business continuity? 

These security features can be point of comparison that you consider when choosing your operating system and comparing versions of operating systems to each other 

Updating your operating system keeping it up-to-date with the updates that are published on the website the operating system is very important. So you must track the published updates of your operating system version on the website and on the internet and on the sources of the internet that are related to your vendor of the operating system try to automate this updating process. Try not to leave it to the users because they may forget or may ignore or may not like to add some necessary and important updates to your operating systems. 

Sometimes you may think of adding a server that updates your operating systems inside your network do not leave it for choice whenever possible so you may think of adding a and updating server to your network so that all the systems on this network contacts this updating server and chooses and picks the necessary and the up-to-date updates that has been published for such operating system and such applications as well. 

Consider the applying the operating system updates on pilot systems before before running out because sometimes the updates are not suitable for your system. Not all the updates are suitable. Not all the updates are quite good for your system. It may be an overload, maybe some updates that are not the suitable ones. It may cause some applications that are built over the operating system to crash when you update. 

So consider applying the updates on pilot systems first then take your decision to roll out your updates on the whole system's of your network


Avoid unnecessary updates it may cause the system to crash or to be overloaded through the hardest. So avoid unnecessary updates such as the updates for a software that is not existing on your system. If it is downloaded it will overload your hard disk or or a most recent driver for some Hardware sometimes when it downloads it causes the system to crash so he alert and take care what are the updates you are downloading

So consider these updates before downloading them and take your decision either to download or not. This consideration can be better made on a pilot system

Audit your systems for the missing updates regularly check for the missing updates on your network and make this check on regular basis and sometimes make a surprise check on your network and all your servers and all of your colleagues if you are responsible to make sure that the updates are them or not and if not try to spread the word of awareness try to educate them how to update their operating systems 


Monitor operating system resources for suspicious actions. Monitor the operating system after the update directly. Is there any suspicions action? Is there any harm that has been done by the updating of operating system? Is there any open ports? Is there any damaged files? So have a look on your operating system after updating for any suspicious actions that you may not like 


Try to use the latest hardware drivers to benefit from all the capabilities of the hardware on your system. This is some sort of good updating for your system avoid connecting suspected hardware either internal parts or external light the printer or the scanner to system because suspected Hardware that is not original order that his fake hardware or that is something that is very cheap and not trusted hardware may cause damage to your operating system and may cause damage to your system as a whole. 


Avoid connecting your system to unknown networks, either wired or wireless because the unknown networks may contain evil sources may contain attackers or hackers that can port scan your system and search for the back doors inside your system to find the vulnerability to be exploited and to damage your system from the point of view of security.

Thank you all Happy Learning

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